Find Jobs Anytime, Anywhere

Hire Anytime, Anywhere

Your Salary, in Cryptocurrency



Jobchain® is an ecosystem that enables anybody to hire or be hired anytime, anywhere and earn salary in cryptocurrency.

Find Jobs Anytime, Anywhere

Jobchain® enables users to find jobs anytime, anywhere. Browse through the available offers and get hired today.

Hire Anytime, Anywhere

Hire anytime, anywhere. Filter your results by location, availability, rating or remuneration. Flexible, secure and private.

Earn your Salary in Cryptocurrency.

Pay and get paid for jobs or services in cryptocurrency instantly. Set up your own flexible payment schedule.


Jobchain® makes it easy to hire and be hired. Through our native token JOB, anybody would be able to pay and be paid for jobs or services in cryptocurrency.

Everything you need.

Jobchain® App includes a cryptocurrency wallet. Users will be able to buy, sell, send and store their preferred cryptocurrency. Stay tuned, more features will be included within our App.

Free & Secure

Jobchain® App is free. Users would have to pass a KYC/AML verification process. Our platform guarantees the security of any communication and transactions happening in our ecosystem.

Unlimited Features

More to come. Although hire and be hired is the core of Jobchain® App, it is not limited to it. Jobchain® App includes an innovative crypto wallet with asset management.

Unique design.

The user interface has been designed to make it easy for anybody to hire and get hired.


Our Team has assembled a set of functionalities that facilitate the hiring process. In one click users can select their preferred employee or employer.

Full Chat

With our Built-in chat, users will be able to discuss any topics with their counterparts, safely and securely.


Eligible customers will receive a set of rewards that will depend on two criteria: rating and amount of JOBs users hold in the App.

Track & Store Work Experience

Users will be able to track, store and download their work experience.

Any Professional, Anytime, Anywhere

Any user will be able to select their preferred set of jobs they are willing to do. Furthermore, they will be able to track the jobs available by location. Finding a job has never been easier. Managing your assets has never been more secure.

Our Team

The Jobchain® Team is continuously growing. As we continue the development of the ecosystem, more members will join our team to contribute to the adoption of the blockchain technology in modern society.


Frequently Asked Questions.
For further inquiries, please use our customer support service. An agent will contact you and answer all your questions.

  • When will the Jobchain® APP will be released?
    Jobchain® is currently under development. Estimated time frame for release is Q4 2019.
  • Is the Jobchain® APP available for Android and iOS?
    Yes. The Jobchain® APP will be available for Android and iOS users. Additionally, certified verification nodes will have access to the Jobchain® Web APP that serve as a powerful tool to verify users' background. 
  • Where will I be able to use the Jobchain® APP?
    Jobchain® will be compliant in each jurisdiction where it will operate. A list of available regions/jurisdictions will be published on this website and in the Jobchain® APP.
  • How much does it cost to use Jobchain® APP?
    Users will be able to register for free within our APP. Hiring somebody or requesting being hired will cost the user a small fee that will be cover the maintenance costs of the Jobchain® platform .
  • Where can I buy the JOB Token to pay in the Jobchain® APP?
    JOB Token will be listed in a number of exchanges. Additionally, users will be able to buy, sell, send and store JOB Token within our Jobchain® APP.

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